How to Make Amazing 3D Glasses

Step One

Gather Materials

Prepare your Scissors, Glue or Tape. You can use a clear transparent sheet and a Red and Blue Felt Marker as seen in (A). Or a Red and Blue cellophane sheet (B).

Materials Needed

Step Two

Choose and Cut Out an Eyepiece

Choose one of the eyepieces from the template or be adventurous and make your own! Cut out your chosen design.

Step Three

Cut Two Sides & Attach to Eyepiece

Cut out the sides of your chosen design. Put glue or tape only on the flap then attach to your eyepeice.

Outline of side of glasses

Trim your Glasses based on the eyepiece chosen.

You can decorate the glasses using any materials on hand. Be Creative!

Step Four

Color Eyepieces

On your transparent paper color in a solid block of each color roughly a 1/4 inch larger than your eye holes. (A) If you have colored Cellophane (B) skip to next step.

Color Blue & Red Eyes

Step Five

Cut & Glue Eyepieces

Cut out the eyepieces with enough extra room to have room to glue or tape the lens to the frames.


Make sure you place the red on the left eye and the blue on the right!

Attach Colored Eyes to Frames

If you want to make a more sturdy pair just cut out another poster board template and glue it to the another template covering the taped or glued cellophane side.

Step Six


View a Test Image

Have fun!

but remember...

  • Do not wear your glasses constantly, it can destroy your eye sight.
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